Who I am

I usually do not speak much about myself but in order to communicate my love for photography and beautiful landscapes as well as qualitative wall art, it is a must.

My name is Stéphane Amiguet and I’m a Swiss based Landscape photographer living in the beautiful region called the “Lavaux”, area of constructed hillside terraces that have been protected by UNESCO since 2007. Most of the time, I shoot in this area because I’m working fulltime as an engineer for a renewable energy company and I miss the time to explore more remote places. I’m also a happy father of two lovely boys.

I’m 46 years old and since about two decades in the photography space. After 2010, what was a hobby, turned into a passion that takes me several hours per day developing my skills and searching great new inspiring views. When I get out in the field, I always imagine the final result that may be produced out of that view and capture.


I describe myself as a visual artist because I always try to create something unique from a real nature view, a unique piece of art that cannot be reproduced by the nature itself. The earth gives me the base, the inspiration and I try to build something special out of what I see through my lens. After the post processing of the image, if my creation gives me any kind of emotion, I make a print.

The print is the ultimate result of my imagination and I want to freeze this outcome for the eternity. My prints are produced by myself only on the best suitable fine art papers available on the market today in order to render the best visual experience. All my prints are produced in a limited series, are numbered and hand signed with a certificate of authenticity.

My gear

Camera: Sony A6000



  • Case Logic SLRC-206 Black

  • Tamrac Jazz Photo Backpack


  • Haida Pro II MC ND0.9

  • Haida Slim Pro II MC ND3.6

  • Haida C-POL

  • Braun variable ND2-400


  • Sony FE 4/70-200 G OSS

  • Sony E 1,8/50 OSS

  • Sigma 30mm F1,4 Contemporary

  • Sigma 19mm F2,8 Art


  • MeFOTO Q2

  • SIRUI T-005KX

Contact Me

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